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Meet Our Staff

Photo of Aleeshia


Program and year: Double major with political science and computer science, Third Year.

Why work at RezNet: I chose to work at RezNet because I wanted experience that was relatable to my degree, as well as being on campus!

Why I love working at RezNet: I love RezNet because the atmosphere is great, everybody is really great to work with, and I'm always learning more technical skills.

Favorite movie: Life is Beautiful or 10 things I hate about you

Favorite book: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Food I couldn't live without: frozen blueberries

Photo of Conor


Program and Year: Computer Science and Astrophysics, Fifth Year.

Why did I choose to work at RezNet: I wanted a job that would not interfere with school and would apply to my Computer Science studies. RezNet was a no-brainer!

What I love most about working at RezNet: The people I work with. Also I just love to learn.

My desired super power: The ability to travel faster than light so I can explore the galaxy.

Where I would like to travel that I haven't before: Antarctica, to hang out with the penguins!

My favorite movie: The Martian, I have a thing for space.

Photo of Dani


Program and Year: Health Science, Fourth Year.

Why did I choose to work at RezNet: I wanted a job that was flexible to my academic schedule and I enjoy helping people!

What do I love most about working at RezNet: The positive workplace environment, the friends I have made here, and all the free food!

3 things on my bucket list: Learn how to surf, backpack through Europe, and live in Australia for a while.

My favourite flavour of ice cream: Cotton Candy with Nerds from Marble Slab!

My favourite season: Summer! If I could live on a beach I would.