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Online Spaces

Online social communities are a great way to connect with your peers, collaborate with classmates and share ideas, photos, and memories. New innovations within social networking sites such as Facebook are cutting-edge. Users can integrate their online profiles with personal blogs, websites, email, and mobile devices.

Below are some tips for protecting yourself and your online identity.

Protect Your Privacy!

It is important to be conscious of what information is placed online; phone numbers, addresses, and school schedules are private information that should not be made publicly accessible. We recommend that users be sure to turn privacy settings ON.

Tip: Check out facebook's new privacy options! You can now create custom friend lists and exception rules in your privacy settings!

Read more about Facebook's privacy options.

Promote a Positive Image!

Your public identity includes your online identity. Instant messenger names, social networking profiles, message boards, and photo sites contribute to your online identity. Is it an accurate representation of you? Would you place your online profile information onto your residence front door? Would you show it to your parents?

Consider this: The photos, messages, and profiles placed online may be available for years, possibly forever. Are you comfortable with all future employers viewing your online material?

Post Responsibly!

Please be sure to activate your privacy settings on your personal online space. If issues with material online come to our attention, we investigate concerns and may review material contained in an online space. You may be held responsible for any hurtful words, statements, or multimedia posted on an online forum that affects the residence community or one of its members.


Additional Resources

Below is a list of valuable resources related to your online identity as well as tips for setting solid privacy settings.


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