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RezNet Handbook

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RezNet Handbook 2019-20


The RezNet Handbook contains helpful instructions for configuring your devices for RezNet's wired and wireless networks. If you are experiencing problems connecting to RezNet and the solution cannot be found in this handbook, please call the RezNet Hotline at (519) 661 - 4225.

For any discrepancy between the online copy and print copy of the RezNet Handbook for the current academic year, the most recent printed version will be deemed as correct unless otherwise stated.


RezNet Hotline   (519) 661 - 4225

Regular Hours of Operation

- Sunday: 6pm to 9pm
- Monday to Thursday: 4pm to 10pm
- Friday: 2pm to 5pm
- Saturday: Closed

All Hours
RezNet Handbook Hard Copy

If you would like or need a hard copy, or are having trouble downloading this PDF file, please contact us.