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The Primary Internet Service Provider for Students at Western Residences
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Our Support Philosophy


RezNet's support philosophy is students helping students, which is why the RezNet team is entirely composed of University Students. Each member of the team is friendly, approachable and has been trained to deal with a wide range of computer and networking issues.


Feel free to ask for help by calling the RezNet Hotline at (519) 661 - 4225 . If you are interested in joining the RezNet team, be sure to watch for the hiring posters in your residence, or visit the Employment Section of the website to review hiring updates.

If you are expecting a RezNet staff member for an in-room visit, have your computer ready and keep your manuals, original software and applicable licenses readily available. At the beginning of the school year, you may experience extended wait times for hotline and in-room service when the demand for assistance is very high. We appreciate your patience during this busy period. If you are experiencing problems, please consider taking advantage of the RezNet Residence Nights that are scheduled for your residence.

Although RezNet student-staff members will help you configure your computer for RezNet, it is your responsibility to maintain your computer. This includes all hardware and software. All RezNet subscribers are responsible for having up-to-date anti-virus software configured to update on a daily basis. It is extremely important that your computer has all Windows Operating System service packs critical updates or Apple updates installed prior to connecting to the RezNet network. There are no charges associated with hotline and in-room services provided by RezNet staff. However, a reactivation charge will be applied to reconnect computers that have been quarantined from RezNet for serious or repeated security violations.

As a RezNet subscriber, you should be familiar with the RezNet Conditions of Use pdf file . A summary of our policies can be found inside the back cover of the handbook pdf file .


RezNet Hotline   (519) 661 - 4225

Regular Hours of Operation

- Sunday: 6pm to 9pm
- Monday to Thursday: 4pm to 10pm
- Friday: 2pm to 5pm
- Saturday: Closed

All Hours